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Does the owner need to be home?

For the first few appointments I will require the owner to be home the entire appointment. After we become comfortable with each other we can discuss latch key services.





How often should my dog get groomed?

Grooming rotation recommendations is 2/4/6/8 weeks in-between. This is dependent on what type of haircut you want to maintain, shedding and coat management.





Do we express anal glands?

We do not. If a dog truly needs to have their anal glands expressed, the gold standard is to be done internally in a vets office as well to be seen by vet to address underlining issues. Please watch this educational video on the topic. 


Do you offer multiple pet discounts?

Currently, we do not.

Do we need to use your power or water?

Our vehicle Is a 2022 Mercedes sprinter, professionally converted by Hanvey Engineering to be self contained we have our own power and water source. We strive to decrease our environmental imprint by not utilizing loud pollution making generators, but intern using state of the art inverter systems. 

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